Turn complaints into insight

We use complaints data to help energy, communications, heat and the private parking sectors deliver better customer service.

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We can help you...

Resolve disputes

in an efficient and ethical way beyond alternative dispute resolution [ADR]

Reduce service failure cost

by identifying the root cause of complaints

Be competitive

through training, consultancy and comprehensive analysis

Improve customer service

through actionable insights

Why choose Ombudsman Services?

Since 2002, we have been helping businesses in the energy, communications, heat and private parking sectors transform their customer service with balanced, fair and independent dispute resolution.

We're more than alternative dispute resolution [ADR]. We're an independent, trusted advisor and critical friend.

  • Make smart choices based on valuable insights from data analysis
  • Exceed customer and regulatory expectations
  • Manage evidence with ease and transparency through our case management system
  • Access tailor-made support from our team of consultants and sector experts
  • Receive regular visits, reviews, training and consultancy
  • Discover opportunities to shine and collaborate across sectors
  • Benefit from added value initiatives, thought leadership events and partnerships

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We're fair and impartial

Rather than building a case for one side, we put empathy, transparency and honesty at the heart of our service to make your customers happy.

We take into account

  • Both sides of the story
  • Relevant regulation
  • The law
  • Best industry practices


Businesses helped


Complaints handled


Years experience

*Source: Ombudsman Services Data. All cases accepted within terms of reference across all sectors ombudsman have served, from 2003 to 2019

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Panellists at our recent conference debated whether consumers should have to wait eight weeks to bring a complaint to an ombudsman.

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The first annual Ombudsman Services conference, held in London on 25 June, has received positive feedback from attendees.

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