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Keep up to date with the latest news and events from Ombudsman Services. Events are currently only available to members of our scheme and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement and the importance of your feedback

We’re inviting member companies to give feedback on all aspects of our service, ranging from our systems and processes to our communication and response times.

Read more | Nov 18, 2019

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Response to Money Saving Expert Delayed Justice report

Money Saving Expert is calling for ‘a radical change' to the 'outdated and archaic rule’, which sees consumers waiting eight weeks before they can escalate a complaint to an ombudsman.

Read more | Nov 06, 2019

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Energy Sector Liaison Panel [SLP]

A sector liaison panel that focuses on key issues in the energy sector. Ombudsman Services representatives will be on hand to provide updates and support.

Read more | Date of event | Dec 05, 2019

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Workshop: What dementia can teach us about vulnerability

Following calls to continue with our series of vulnerability workshops for communications providers, we recently hosted a fourth on the topic of dementia.

Read more | Oct 23, 2019

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Response to Ofgem’s proposed new tests and checks for energy suppliers

Ofgem has today (22 October) announced that it is proposing new reforms for existing energy suppliers to drive up customer service standards, reduce the risk of supplier failure and strengthen the safety net.

Read more | Oct 22, 2019

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Communications Sector Liaison Panel (SLP)

A sector liaison panel that focuses on key issues in the communications sector.

Read more | Date of event | Nov 12, 2019

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Communications Vulnerability Workshop

Several attendees have asked us to cover mental health at the vulnerability workshop. Mental health is a big topic, so we have decided to focus in on a sub-category – that of dementia.

Read more | Date of event, Oct 16, 2019

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SMEs get ‘raw deal’ on essential services and want more protection

Nearly a third (30%) of SMEs think they get an unfair deal compared to residential customers when buying and using essential services like energy, telecoms and water, an Ombudsman Services survey has found.

Read more | Oct 01, 2019

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Energy sector liaison panel rated 4.5 out of 5 by attendees

Our latest energy sector liaison panel (SLP) was held on 19 September, receiving positive feedback from attendees.

Read more | Sept 27, 2019

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Read our report: building trust in the energy sector

Yesterday (Tuesday 24 September) we held a fringe event at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Read more | Sept 25, 2019

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What are the barriers to complaining?

This year’s research found that consumers have almost twice as many gripes about businesses than they did a year ago – 4.2 per head compared to 2.5 in 2018. However, many complaints are not being acted upon.

Read more | Sep 16, 2019

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2018 Annual reports published

Our 2018 annual report is now published and available to download via our website.

Read more | Sep 09, 2019


Labour Party Conference: Fringe Event

Title: “How can we build trust and protect consumers in the energy sector?”

Date: 24 September 2019, 08:00-09:30

Read more | Sept 04, 2019

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Conservative Party Conference: Fringe Event

Title: “Nurturing SMEs: building trust in markets and ensuring they get a fair deal”

Date: 1 October 2019, 12:45-14:15

Read more | Sept 04, 2019

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What outcomes do consumers want from a complaint?

When something goes wrong with a product or service, it can be a stressful and frustrating time for consumers. Added to feelings of frustration are the expectations people have when they complain, with 81% believing it shouldn’t be hard to get a product or service right first time.

Read more | Aug 21, 2019


Positive feedback for Ombudsman Services financial vulnerability workshop

Ombudsman Services recently hosted the third in a series of workshops about vulnerability for providers in the communications sector; with delegates leaving encouraging feedback.

Read more | Aug 16, 2019

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Ombudsman Services appoints first managing director

We're pleased to announced that we have appointed Simon Palmer as our first managing director.

Read more | Jul 22, 2019


EVENT: Energy Sector Liaison Panel

This quarterly sector liaison panel (SLP) will focus on key issues in the energy sector. Ombudsman Services representatives will be on hand to provide operational and strategic updates, including the latest on our new case management system (CMS).

Read more | Date of event: Sept 19 2019


O2 signs up with Ombudsman Services for three more years

The company, one of the UK’s largest mobile network operators, said it was pleased to be extending and re-affirming its relationship with Ombudsman Services.

Read more | Jul 19, 2019

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EVENT: Supplier of Last Resort Workshop

This workshop will enable energy suppliers that have gained customers through the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process to share their experiences with Ombudsman Services and other industry stakeholders.

Read more | Date of event: Sept 11 2019

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Six takeaways from our latest vulnerability workshop

We recently hosted the third in a series of workshops for communications providers on the theme of vulnerability and how best to support vulnerable consumers.

Read more | Jul 18, 2019

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WATCH: Is the 8-week rule fit for purpose?

Panellists at our recent conference debated whether consumers should have to wait eight weeks to bring a complaint to an ombudsman.

Read more | Jul 10, 2019

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Ombudsman Services conference rated highly by attendees

The first annual Ombudsman Services conference, held in London on 25 June, has received positive feedback from attendees.

Read more | Jun 29, 2019

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Inside the mind of today's consumer

Our sixth annual Consumer Action Monitor (CAM) report, published last month, harnesses pioneering new technology to give an insight into the emotions that drive consumers to complain.

Read more | Jun 24, 2019

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Telecoms trade bodies extend partnership with Ombudsman Services

Telecoms sector trade associations ISPA and ITSPA have both extended their partnership with Ombudsman Services for a further three years.

Read more | Jun 22, 2019

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Working to build trust in the communications sector

We have set out our strategic priorities in the communications sector for the coming year, with a focus on five key themes that we plan to build our work around.

Read more | Jun 21, 2019

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Consumer Action Monitor Report 2019 - Key findings for businesses

As well as providing a more in-depth and rounded analysis of the state of customer service and consumer experience than in previous years, this year we were keen to provide actionable insights and take-aways for businesses.

Read more | Jun 21, 2019