An Update from our Public Affairs Team

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Sep 01, 2021

This month the Policy and Public Affairs Team have responded to a number of enquiries and consultations underway at Westminster. They have shared our thoughts on how the Warm Homes Discount (WHD) can be improved and our support of it being extended to help those whose incomes and ability to pay continue to be impacted by Covid-19.

The House of Lords Business and Regulatory Committee is looking into whether Ofgem is equipped to help the UK deliver Net Zero. We shared our thoughts on this and on the central role that regulators such as Ofgem have to play in supporting consumers. Without their support the move to deliver Net Zero through the adoption of new technologies such as Electric Vehicles, heat networks and pumps will be unachievable.

The September release of our Consumer Action Monitor (CAM) Report 2021 provides a wealth of insights to discuss throughout the autumn which we look forward to sharing.