An update from the Partner Support Team

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Jun 24, 2021

For those who were able to join us for the June Sector Liaison Panel you will have had the opportunity to connect with our Partner Support Team (if you hadn’t already!). This team have been in operation since October 2020 with the mandate of improving our service through providing support with issues around cases and our case management system.

The team have received 1577 energy and 373 communications related queries since October (averaging 237 per month). Of these queries nearly 55% of those have been initiated by providers which the team have been able to resolve between 4-7 days on average. The remaining 45% of queries are raised by colleagues who on the whole need support from the team to obtain further information on cases or gain updates on remedy implementation.

Nearly a third of all provider queries relate to administration of the Case Management System which is providing us with useful insight to feed into improvements in the self-service functionality of this tool moving forwards. Around 14% of provider queries are around our acceptance of a case and 10% are to discuss decisions on cases, all conversations which are providing valuable insight as we continue to shape our systems and processes as we transition to our new Target Operating Model.

When asked about the role of the Partner Support Team Lisa Olsen, Head of Service Delivery said “The team have already made a really positive contribution to the work of Ombudsman Services through gaining valuable insight into the experiences that providers have and using this to drive service improvement. Being able to interact with colleagues and providers enables us to connect the dots and improve service delivery for all users.”