Consultations on Digital Regulation [November 2021]

Ombudsman Services | Nov 09, 2021

Digital technologies are positively transforming the way we work, access information and connect. Digital markets will continue to transform society, bringing significant benefits to consumers. But the magnitude and pace of digital change can also increase the risk of significant consumer harm. With the nature of markets changing quickly, there is an increased risk that some groups will be left behind, hence the importance of markets considering the broader context of operation. This is particularly important where consumers are more likely to be in vulnerable circumstances.

Digital markets have the potential to be of great value for society, by unlocking new products and services in new ways and by protecting consumers who choose to use them. It is important, therefore, that consumers and businesses have the confidence in the frameworks that govern how and when new technology may be used.

Ombudsman Services have been voicing our support of digital regulation and the need for digital markets that empower entrepreneurs and present consumers with more choice, control and competitive pricing to Government and policy makers through recent consultations for BEIS, DCMS and UK Parliament. We look forward to supporting the industry into the future.