Consumer Action Monitor 2019: Key findings for businesses

By Ombudsman Services | Jun 21, 2019

We recently published the sixth edition of our annual Consumer Action Monitor (CAM) report.

As well as providing a more in-depth and rounded analysis of the state of customer service and customer experience than in previous years, this time around we were keen to provide actionable insights and take-aways for businesses.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. Trust in businesses has declined.

  2. While complaints have increased year-on-year, younger generations are choosing to complain to friends and family on social media instead of actively escalating complaints.

  3. How different generations approach consuming and complaining is key and should have a bearing on how they are supported and steered through the complaints process.

  4. Vulnerable consumers are at much greater risk of being let down by the complaints process.

The report states:

“Businesses must be honest about what they believe a good consumer experience should be – and be transparent with their consumers about what’s achievable.

“It’s important that businesses recognise the changing complaints landscape and how this affects the way they consider consumer experience in relation to it.

“There’s an increase in the number of complaints in 2019 but an additional emotional complexity surrounding them, with more vulnerable, pessimistic and demotivated consumers creating a shift towards passive behaviour.

Consumer Action Monitor Report | Ombudsman Services

“If we can reduce the pessimism about outcome and remove the confusion about how to complain, this will help to build better relationships with consumers, create a more intuitive, customer centric approach and strengthen brand loyalty and trust.

“It will also instil faith in consumers that when things go wrong, it’s worth complaining because a clear outcome can be expected.”

To access the CAM report click here.