Continuous improvement and the importance of your feedback

Ombudsman Services | Nov 18, 2019

At Ombudsman Services we are committed to building positive relationships with our member companies.

Doing so enables us to promote best practice in complaint handling, pro-actively raise standards across the sectors in which we operate, reduce complaint volumes and ultimately drive better outcomes for consumers.

In order to build and maintain these positive relationships, we want to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service we provide to businesses.

That’s why we’re inviting member companies to give feedback on all aspects of our service, ranging from our systems and processes to our communication and response times.

The findings from the initial survey, which will be issued on Monday 25 November, will be used as a benchmark from which we will aim to make improvements throughout 2020 and beyond.

The surveys will be carried out every quarter, allowing us to monitor and measure our progress based on your feedback, with ad-hoc surveys also being sent after events and other key interactions.

For the first survey, member companies will have until Friday 6 December to give us their feedback.

We will also be surveying consumers who use our service, so that we can consider feedback from all our key customer groups when looking to make improvements.

Working together to bring about positive change

This year has seen significant investment in our Relationships and Account Development Consultant team.

We’ve put a great deal of thought into enhancing our Sector Liaison Panels, ensuring they add value and are focused on the issues that matter to you.

We’ve also introduced monthly service update emails to ensure you’re kept up to date with clear, regular communication.

Meanwhile, workshops for member companies have provided a forum for discussion on key issues such as consumer vulnerability and the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process.

Jodi Hamilton, relationships director at Ombudsman Services, said:

“Our new surveys form part of a wider programme of relationship building, designed to ensure that the needs and views of our member companies – as one of our key customer groups – are considered.

“If your business is a member of our scheme, we would ask you to take the time to complete the survey and offer honest, constructive feedback.

“Your views, insights and opinions are valuable. Without them, we won’t be able to make the ongoing improvements that we are committed to delivering.”

We would ask you to take the time to complete the survey and offer honest, constructive feedback.

Jodi Hamilton | Relationships Director, Ombudsman Services

Have your say

If your business is a member of our scheme, the first survey should arrive in your nominated survey recipient’s email inbox on Monday 25 November. If you have any questions please contact our Account Development Consultant team, whose details you can find here.