Customer experience surveys - Thank you!

Ombudsman Services | 08 June 2020

Last month we invited all of our member companies to take part in our customer experience surveys to provide important feedback on several areas of our business. Gathering this feedback from you is vital to monitoring our services, to recognise where you say improvements and beneficial changes have been implemented and where further focus is still required. By having your say in our surveys, you are contributing to help shape and deliver a better service for both our member companies and consumers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you that took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate that there is a lot going on in all businesses at the moment as we come to terms with the impact and adjustments needed due to Covid-19, so we are extremely grateful you took some time out of your day to provide this important feedback.

We are now collating and analysing the scores and helpful information we have received. We will review all of the recommendations and highlight the suggested changes. We’ll look to share the results with you in the coming months with further information of any action we have or are planning, to take off the back of this. There may be aspects that we’ll acknowledge but can’t affect change in the immediate future, but we’ll also communicate that too.

This survey activity is completed at regular intervals throughout the year, so if you weren’t able to take part this time around, please lookout for the next invite. We will let you know when to expect it via our usual monthly updates. If you didn’t receive the invite to our latest survey for your company and would like to take part in the next one please let our Relationship Team know at:

Again, thank you very much to all who took part and we look forward to sharing the results with you soon!