Event Forward Look

Ombudsman Services | Oct 07, 2020

Following the last round of Sector Liaison Panels in July 2020, we’re now in the process of finalising the agenda for the forthcoming energy and communication SLP events, which will take place on the following dates:

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 – Communications SLP

Thursday 3rd December 2020 - Energy SLP

As part of your feedback from the July SLPs, approximately 50% of you told us that while you felt the virtual event format did work, you also feel that face to face events provide a great opportunity to network with your peers and other key stakeholders working within your respective sector.

We haven’t forgotten this important feedback. However, given the UK Government’s current rules in relation to the ongoing global pandemic, we have made the decision to hold the December SLPs as virtual events again. We hope you can appreciate why we have made this decision. We will, of course, continue to review the way in which our SLP events are held moving forward.

The agenda for both events are in the process of being finalised, but as with our previous events, you can expect to hear from us on the current key issues affecting the energy and communication sectors. Topics and themes to be discussed include:

  • Business and finance updates
  • Fairness and Commitment
  • Billing and Complaints
  • New ways of working.

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