Findings from member surveys feedback | June 2020

How we’re using your feedback to make improvements

We recently thanked everyone who took the time to provide their feedback in our latest round of quarterly customer experience surveys for member companies. As well as giving an overall rating, respondents were asked to give their assessment of the following teams and aspects of our service:

  • Communications
  • Case decisions
  • Ombudsman team
  • Partners website
  • Relationships team
  • Case management system

Each response was measured using one of the following scores:

  • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction (this is a measure of customer satisfaction levels)
  • CES – Customer Effort Score (this is a measure of how easy or difficult it is to use a product or service)
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score (this is a measure of how likely customers would be to recommend a product or service)

Having analysed the scores and comments, we are now able to share some of the headlines:

Response rates are up
Overall there was an improvement in the proportion of people completing the survey, compared to Q4 2019. Amongst major users (companies who have 10 or more complaints raised about them with Ombudsman Services per month) there was a 63% response rate this time around – double what we saw when we carried out our first survey in Q4 2019. Thanks again to everyone who responded to the latest survey – your feedback is very important and we really appreciate it.

Our key metrics are improving
Our NPS (see definition above) improved amongst both energy and communications companies. Overall there was also an increase in the CES (see definition above) given to our case management system.

We can also report higher satisfaction (CSAT) levels in both sectors for our communications, Ombudsman team, Partners website and Relationships team. There is, however, still room for improvement in these scores and we will continue to work hard and act on your feedback.

How we plan to respond
Through our feedback surveys and listening posts, both customers and member businesses have highlighted a desire for OS to improve our appeals process. The main objection being that it’s the same person who provided the initial decision that then deals with the appeal.

As a result of this feedback it has been agreed that the appeals process will go in to change to be reviewed holistically, but in particular to ensure that we change the process so decisions and appeals are not reviewed by the same person. This work also fits with our focus on improving quality to produce right first time decision making.

In November 2019 a trial appeals unit was set up to review the process. Unfortunately the trial was suspended because of Covid-19. We will however pick up some of the learnings to help steer this new project within the change framework. Here’s a link to the news article of the time. As this project progresses, we will continue to provide updates.

Partners website accessibility
Feedback received suggests PCs feel access to the website poses a risk to both OS and PC because certain information can be viewed by other parties/consumers. If access was limited to PCs it would allow for greater sharing of insights, processes and case studies.

We agree and have already begun a project to specify how we can do this, for example by creating a members-only log in area. We hope to deliver this solution by Q1 2021 and will keep you updated about progress.

It has always been our aim to eventually deliver reports and insight via the Partners website. This is some way off, but is still on the wish list for 2021-22.

Service, quality and knowledge
Recent survey results from both customer and business partners request greater clarity and standardisation of the communications in the case management system (CMS).

As already indicated we have started a 20-week programme to audit and review the communications in CMS. This includes the communications that are sent via the system to both complainants and member companies. Here’s a link to this announcement in June 2020.

Visibility of the Relationships team
We’re glad that you want to know more about the team of Relationship Managers we have to look after our member companies and to be able to get in touch via the website.

Your wish is our command as there’s now a “Meet the Team” page live on our dedicated Partners website.

Thanks again
The above isn’t an exhaustive list of areas for improvement and please be assured that we take all feedback on board. We will provide further updates on our programme of continuous improvement in the coming weeks and months. Our next surveys are due to be distributed in late August.