Meet the team: Aggie Pacewicz, relationship manager

Ombudsman Services | Nov 29, 2019


Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be giving our member companies and partners the chance to learn more about the newest members of our Relationships team.

To launch the series, we sat down with relationship manager Aggie Pacewicz and asked her to answer 10 questions about herself.

Q1: When did you join Ombudsman Services and what are your first impressions of the organisation?

A: I joined on 4 November 2019. My first impression was and still is that everyone is very friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and it is a great place to work.

Q2: What does your new role involve and what are your priorities / key areas of focus?

A: I am a relationship manager. I will be working closely with our member companies and internal stakeholders on strengthening our relationships and making sure everything runs smoothly for businesses, consumers and Ombudsman Services.

Q3: Tell us a bit about your life and career before you joined Ombudsman Services.

A: I was born and bred in Poland and am the youngest of four children. I have three older brothers so my life when I was little was all about climbing trees, playing war and doing all boy stuff. I did a social work degree in Poland but because it was hard to get a job in that field at the time I thought moving to the UK for one year to work on my English would help – 16 years later I’m still here and feel that this is my home now (don’t tell my Mum please).

I first worked as a baby sitter and waitress and after a year got a job as an admin assistant for a local mortgage broker. I worked my way up and became secured loans and mortgages underwriter and later moved to external relations, which involved managing relationships with creditors and internal operations. I love problem solving, getting things done and am very excited about my new role at Ombudsman Services.

Q4: How do you enjoy spending time outside of work?

A: I like keeping active so I go to the gym regularly. My favourite part is free weights and challenging myself. It’s a great sense of achievement when I’m done. I’m also addicted to watching films in the cinema, probably because that’s the only time I can sit still for longer than an hour.

Q5: Give us one surprising fact about you or your ‘claim to fame’.

A: I once went out with a member of Manchester-based rock band Black Grape!

Q6: What’s your favourite meal?

A: That’s a tough one as I love food. I think I’m going to have to go for pizza, thin crust with lot of chilli flakes.

Q7: What’s your favourite film of all time?

A: Green Mile.

Q8: Getting musical and thinking of the bands and artists you like, do you have any guilty pleasures?

A: I like all kinds of music. My guilty pleasure is 90s dance.

Q9: If you could choose to visit one place in the world that you’ve never been to, where would it be?

A: Grand Canyon.

Q10: If you were to win the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d buy or do?

A: Depending how much it is, I’d make sure my family is sorted with their mortgages and take everyone on a big family trip somewhere sunny.