Notice of upcoming CMS communication changes

Ombudsman Services | 08 June 2020

We would like to make you aware of a programme of work that started in June 2020 to audit and review the communications that are delivered from our Case Management System (CMS). This includes the communications that are sent via the system to both complainants and member companies.

The programme will also consider if additional or fewer communications are required throughout the customer journey; the objective being to optimise the customer experience and create better outcomes.

This work is likely to generate some changes particularly to our email communications that are auto-generated from our CMS system and sent to either yourselves or the complainant. It may be a status change or ad-hoc reason e.g. a new message, that triggers these emails.

To inform this work we are using qualitative and quantitative data taken from our Voice of the Customer platforms (including but not limited to customer feedback surveys deployed at several points in the customer journey, hotjar, Trust Pilot, Customer Relations and colleague feedback) and insight gained from discussions with member companies.

These feedback mechanisms illustrate that we can improve the clarity of the communications we send, to ensure we are providing as much information as we can up front, clearly and concisely.

The review also presents opportunities for Ombudsman Services to consider what additional support customers may need throughout the journey such as visual aids, videos, tips and reminders, And we will be considering whether there are opportunities to signpost customers to complementary supporting services, for example to support vulnerable customers.

Complainants have been helpful to point out where they don’t understand the process or how to complete tasks and where it’s not clear what happens next. Likewise, member companies have shared that sometimes complainants don’t understand the consequence of their choices and what they need to do, or who they need to contact as a result.

We are currently developing some new ‘How To’ videos for certain aspects of the journey to support complainants in completing tasks, so we will also look to incorporate these into the communications where relevant. We want to ensure expectations are set up-front and all users are aware of what is expected from them and of any timescales in which they need to complete actions.

Our objective is to provide a smooth customer journey and experience for all parties, to avoid delays, to avoid off system tasks and to be clear and concise in our communication, making the service accessible for all.

We will not look to share with you every individual change that is made, but we will share examples of key improvements. We will signpost to you, as we have done before, the ‘How To’ videos, providing opportunities for contribution and feedback. And as with any change and improvement we will measure and monitor the impact of our efforts. We’ll do this by continuing to monitor the voice of the customer feedback channels and scores and during interactions with member companies and our B2B surveys.

For now, the scope of this work involves improving or amending the content of existing email communications within the Case Management System, however we will be taking note where we believe additional communication may be beneficial, with a view to adding communications at a later date.

In this work, any changes we make to communications will not affect any process changes so current ways of working will not be affected. Although this is not directly a change to the way in which CMS is used by any party, it is an output of the system so please take this information as Ombudsman Services providing advance notice of the pending changes.

We expect the above improvements and changes to the communications to be completed by the end of July 2020.

If you require any further information or would like to receive a pack which shares more specific examples of the changes to our communications, please email