Our return to Daresbury Park

Ombudsman Services | Sep 01, 2020

We’d like to inform our member companies and partners that we intend to start bringing colleagues back to our offices in Daresbury, Cheshire, from Monday 7 September.

Ombudsman Services
  • The phased return will see cohorts of colleagues returning to our premises in stages.

  • An independent risk assessment of our building has been carried out by an external company. Adjustments will now be made before 7 September to ensure our colleagues are safe and that government guidelines on social distancing are followed.

  • We will continue to monitor Public Health England and UK government advice on Covid-19. If the official advice changes, we will adjust our plans accordingly.

  • We will be using this transition to trial some new ways of working, particularly to address cases relating to customers that needs extra support and cases relating to non-domestic micro businesses. Dedicated colleague communities will be created to support those groups and particular types of cases. We will share further details with you in the near future.

Ombudsman Services Offices

Joanna Jepson, director of people and change at Ombudsman Services, said:

We were able to send 100% of our people to work from home ahead of the official Government lockdown and all teams have continued to operate remotely. As lockdown eases and we return to the office, the wellbeing and safety of colleagues will continue to be of paramount importance. Just as there was no disruption to our service during the transition to remote working, we expect the phased return to our premises to go smoothly.

Joanna Jepson | Director of People and Change