Q2/3 Customer Experience Surveys

Ombudsman Services | 27 July 2020

As you know, here at Ombudsman Services we like to hear your feedback, to recognise where you say improvements and beneficial changes have been implemented and where further focus is still required. We gather this feedback by inviting you, our member companies, to take part in our customer experience surveys at regular intervals throughout the year.

Our next survey invites will be distributed on Monday 24th August and will be open for three weeks in order to provide your feedback. By having your say in our surveys, you are contributing to help shape and deliver a better service for both our member companies and consumers, so we urge you to spare 5 minutes to provide a response if you can.

Although we had previously planned for these surveys to take place on a quarterly basis, we delayed the distribution of our Q1 survey to allow time for us all to come to terms with the impact and adjustments needed due to Covid-19. Therefore, this year we will only be completing three survey iterations and will look to move back to a quarterly distribution in 2021.

If you didn’t receive the invite to our last survey for your company and would like to take part in the next one please let our Relationship Team know at: OSAccountManagers@Ombudsman-Services.co.uk