CORONAVIRUS: Member companies: Due to the impact of coronavirus on consumers, suppliers and the ombudsman, please be aware that new and existing cases, processes and procedures are being affected. We are now prioritising vulnerable customers, essential issues and emergency cases. Some cases may need to be put on hold or delayed, whilst for others extended timeframes will be applied. Read more

Response to Ofgem’s latest coronavirus update | 8 Apr 2020

Response to Ofgem’s latest coronavirus update | 8 Apr 2020

Regulator Ofgem has today (Wednesday 8 April) published a blog post and open letters to energy suppliers and networks, setting out its expectations of the industry during the disruption caused by Covid-19.

The letters set out what is “high priority and must be delivered” by businesses.

Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley said: “The purpose of today’s letters is to provide clarity so that the industry is free to focus on core services to customers.”

Ed Dodman, director of regulatory affairs at Ombudsman Services, which runs the Energy Ombudsman scheme, welcomed the update from Ofgem.

He said: “The regulator is demonstrating a balanced and fair approach to the coronavirus crisis, taking into account both consumers’ needs and the operational challenges that many companies are facing.

“Energy suppliers are being reminded by Ofgem to continue to signpost consumers to our service in the usual timeframe. This is important as it gives companies clarity and ensures consumers with unresolved complaints still have access to independent redress.

“For our part, when complaints come to us we are giving consumers and suppliers more time to prepare their case and submit evidence, in recognition of the challenges that everyone is facing at this time.

“In line with the approach being taken by many suppliers, we are prioritising essential customer issues and emergency cases.”

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