Benefits of choosing us

Since 2002, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes across different sectors to improve their complaint handling and customer service more broadly. This is because, in line with our strategic mission to end consumer detriment, we want to improve outcomes for consumers by enabling businesses to put things right quickly when problems occur. Below are some reasons why you should choose Ombudsman Services as your Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider.

We offer:

  1. A pro-active approach to reducing complaint volumes: We will help your business to resolve more complaints at an early stage and even prevent issues happening in the first place, reducing the number of complaints that reach us – saving you time and money.

  2. Analysis of complaints data: We crunch the numbers on the complaints that reach us about your business, enabling us to spot trends and issues and share this intelligence with you. In addition to root-cause analysis of complaints, this insight can include comparison with the rest of your sector, so you can see your complaint volumes in context.

  3. Dedicated support: Our specialist team of relationship managers is on hand to provide you with pro-active guidance and support when you need it, answer any questions you might have and provide regular updates.

  4. Events and training: We hold a series of sector-specific workshops, meetings and training sessions throughout the year, while we provide training and guidance on everything from how to use our case management system (CMS) to how to prepare a case file.

  5. A fully transparent complaints process: Our case management system (CMS) lets you see the evidence uploaded by your customer as part of their complaint – and gives you the opportunity to interact with them directly in order to resolve the complaint early before we start a full investigation.


To find out more or if you're a company that would like to become a member and join a scheme, please contact our team of Relationship Managers:

Phone: 01925 773921