Training on the Back Billing Code

Improve understanding of the billing code of practice to avoid revenue losses for your business. Using real life case studies we'll help you avoid causing customer detriment, billing and customer service issues.

For energy providers only

Back Billing Code - Training Module

Through our digital training and refresher sessions, we'll pair guidance on he billing code of practice with real-life cases to help you identify issues and ultimately recover revenue.

An energy provider cannot seek payment from a consumer for unbilled energy that was used more than 12 months ago. Due to this, some energy suppliers are losing thousands of pounds a year because they have to write-off bills. It's more important than ever to accurately keep track of what you are billing customers and when.

Please note:

• Available for members only.


  • Gain valuable insight into billing code with real-life case studies
  • Prevent revenue losses
  • Avoid customer detriment, billing and customer service issues
  • Take advantage of refresher sessions after the digital training

Customer testimonial

"The workshop was excellent - we highly recommend it to any supplier who may be unsure about Standard License Conditions"

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How can I access this product?

Our Back Billing Code - Training Module is only available to energy suppliers. Before we can get you started with this training, please speak with our dedicated Account Consultants.

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Requesting other training material, modules and assets

As a fully onboarded member of a scheme you will also have access to several different training materials and assets such as:

  • Welcome pack - the process of onboarding and benefits you gain access to
  • About the case management system - an introduction and demonstration (parts 1 and 2)
  • Training on how to use the complaints case management system (CMS) - video training (parts 1 and 2)

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