Our standard approach to Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) complaints

Ombudsman Services' standard approach for dealing with complaints when a supplier in the energy market has gone out of business and a SoLR has been appointed.

What is the purpose of this guidance?

Ombudsman Services has devised a standard approach for dealing with complaints when a supplier in the energy market has ceased trading and a SoLR has been appointed.

This standard approach applies to both gas and electricity suppliers to residential users in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland.

The Standard Approach

If a supplier ceases trading it is unable to fulfil its obligations as an energy supplier.

Ombudsman Services will not investigate complaints against a supplier that has ceased trading as the supplier will not able to implement remedies or provide financial awards to consumers.

For the same reasons, Ombudsman Services is not able to progress any complaints currently open on its systems. Consumers who have a complaint about the failed supplier may wish to contact the administrator in an attempt to gain a resolution to their complaint.

To ensure consumers of the failed supplier have a continuous supply of gas and electricity, Ofgem will appoint a SoLR. The SoLR does not have an obligation to take on complaints about the supplier in administration as it was not involved in this complaints process.

In addition to its standard obligations, the new supplier may make additional commitments to affected customers. In the past, all Suppliers of Last Resort have committed to honouring the credit balances of customers who were owed money by the former supplier. You should check the SoLR's’s website for the commitments it has made.

The consumer should allow the SoLR eight weeks to resolve the complaint. If, after eight weeks the complaint remains unresolved then the consumer is entitled to bring their complaint against the SoLR to Ombudsman Services.

Notes: The SoLR process does not apply to Heat Networks or Green Deal.